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Does functional bar equipment always have to look sterile and dull? Not necessarily. Borsa Restaurant Istinye Park’s wine cellar is the irrefutable proof that functionality and ambiance can go perfectly together. With the help of the gentle illumination of the wine display units, the vertical array of wine bottles seem to merge in with other spirits to form a very inviting bar setting. In fact, the wine bottles are physically separated from other liqueurs in front, by means of a special UV filtered triple glass barrier, behind which the perfect environmental conditions are created for the wine to be preserved flawlessly. Accessed through an invisible door, this wine cellar space is much larger than one perceives from the outside. 4.5 m ceiling height is fully benefited by a sliding ladder which enables a maximum bottle storage capacity of 1,440 bottles. Wine preservation is quite the opposite of a burden to this restaurant: The wine cellar is its genius loci.

Wine Wall Behind the Bar

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