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Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) is one of the foremost companies designing and building bespoke wine cellars and wine cabinets for private and commercial needs all over the world. North America, Asia, Europe…

FWC is active in a wide variety of countries on three continents. Top references of FWC are not only the prominent personalities, Heads of State and wine collectors, but also renowned hospitality brands, Michelin-starred restaurants and leading real estate investors.
FWC designs and builds high-end walk-in wine cellars and wine cabinets for the distinguished wine lover with an eye for sophistication. FWC’s world-class wine cellars and cabinets, whether for residential spaces, commercial locations, or industrial needs, are all custom-designed with the same attention to detail and reverence for wine collecting.
Your Global Solution Partner
for the Finest Wine Cellars
A wine cellar is no longer merely functional; it can also exude prestige, style, and luxury. As an art work in and of itself, your wine cellar is a feature piece whilst aging your valuable wine collection in perfect conditions and ready to be enjoyed. Whether stored in a stand-alone cabinet or displayed behind a glass wall in a walk-in wine cellar, your collection will be proudly displayed with a timeless elegance.
A Work of Art
Focus Wine Cellars is lauded for its impeccable attention to detail and outstanding designs with supreme quality production. FWC’s artists are meticulous about every feature of your cellar or cabinet to ensure that it is personal, unique, and worthy of the FWC stamp. Browse our catalogue to discover distinctive bespoke designs of our wine cellars and wine cabinets across the globe.
Where Innovation Meets Unparalleled Design
Building an impressive wine cellar in your home, restaurant, hotel or winery requires extensive knowledge, experience, and ingenuity. FWC’s superior craftsmanship is known all over the world, but only because we let our work speak for itself. FWC builds strong relationships with its clients, respecting their passion in wine and their requirements to age their fine wines in the best conditions over the years. Its top references are many prominent personalities, heads of state, wine collectors, wine lovers, as well as luxury home developers, high-end restaurants, bars and casinos.
FWC also services renowned hospitality brands, namely the Waldorf Astoria, Raffles, Mandarin Oriental, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt Hotels, and large department stores, such as Paris’ world famous Printemps, where exclusive wines are stored and displayed in a FWC branded island-type wine cellar; and Louis Vuitton Group, for which FWC designs and produces purpose-built refrigerated cabinets. No matter what your square footage or collection size, FWC will develop a unique design using materials that fit seamlessly into the layout and architectural elements of your space.
We Cater to a Wide Range of Needs
Trust Focus Wine Cellars to conceptualize and create a unique wine cellar or wine cabinet that truly takes your breath away. Our artisans will tailor a wine cellar or wine cabinet that will be admired and enjoyed for years to come. Call us today or contact us through our online form to describe your vision.
Trust Only the Best for Your Most Treasured Collection
With offices in Toronto, Miami, Hong Kong and Istanbul, Focus Wine Cellars is a worldwide brand with a global vision to cater to every client’s needs and taste. In order to provide our exclusive clientele with the flawless service it deserves, our global offices ensure that we have a more local reach, where we can assist our clients more thoroughly.
Wherever Your Wine Takes You
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