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Bosphorus Istanbul Hotel is a legend for it hosted many well-known political figures such as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, King Edward VIII and other celebrities in the past and after being closed for 22 years, the hotel re-opened fully renovated and resorted as a 7-star hotel at its magnificent location near Taksim Square. The main dining hall of the hotel features a large wine cellar which has a spectacular 9 m long façade, half of which is facing the restaurant while the other half welcomes the guests approaching from the entrance hall. Evenly sized five grand windows with gold robust, firm looking frames allow guests to take a peek into the rich wine collection. Intrigued guests may go also inside the cellar together with the sommelier, where they will find a beautiful long cellar space articulated by successive arches of coloured lights.

Hotel Wine Cellar with Brass Façade Frames

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