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Focus Wine Cellars

Your Global Solution Partner for the Finest Wine Cellars and Wine Cabinets
Focus Wine Cellars (FWC) is the leading global company designing and building high-end walk-in wine cellars and wine cabinets. North America, Asia, Europe… FWC meets with distinguished wine lovers with an eye for sophistication, across the world. Top references of FWC are many prominent personalities, heads of state, wine collectors, wine lovers, as well as renowned hospitality brands, Michelin-starred restaurants, bars, casinos and leading luxury home developers.
FWC’s finest wine cellars and cabinets, whether for residential spaces, commercial locations, or industrial needs, are all custom-designed and fulfill all the technical and aesthetic requirements of wine lovers with high expectations, from all over the world.


At Focus Wine Cellars, we are renowned for designing bespoke wine cellars and wine cabinets for an elite clientele, such as heads of state or prestigious establishments like New York's most prestigious, iconic 5th Avenue hotel. Our creations blend exquisite design with cutting-edge technology, tailored to each client's unique vision. Embrace FWC's commitment to elegance, discretion, and unparalleled craftsmanship for an extraordinary wine storage experience.
Focus Wine Cellars leads the industry with unparalleled global coverage, operating across more regions than any other wine cellar company in the world.


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