What are the negative effects of vibration, odors and light on wine?

All vibrations – including sound – disturb wine. Vibrations undesirably prevent the residue of the chemical reactions of wine to settle. Therefore, all vibrations caused by the equipment inside a wine cellar and from neighboring spaces should be controlled. All of FWC’s cellar air-conditioners are designed to function without vibration.

Some of the chemical reactions occurring in a wine bottle require some oxygen. “Breathing of wine” is the definition for this trace amount of air penetrating the bottle. If there are any undesired odors inside the wine cellar, these will also penetrate into the wine bottle with the air, causing an eventual reduction in tasting quality. Therefore, all materials used in a wine cellar must be odorless and odors from neighboring spaces must be kept away from the wine cellar.

UV rays on the other hand, deteriorate the complex organic molecules inside wine, disturbing its aging process. Therefore in wine cellars, illumination should be preferred that not radiating UV rays. In case there is day light penetrating the wine cellar, the UV must be filtered. All of FWC’s cellars eliminate the undesired effects of day light by means of technological glazing with special filters.