Wine storage units in a wine cellar need to have certain properties as well. Especially the kind of timber used for wooden storage units should not decay or deform when subjected to high humidity; should be strong enough to bear the weight of the wine bottles on top; should not emit undesired odors; and should be workable enough to allow fine workmanship.

The selection of such kind of timber requires expertise. There are many differences between the techniques of traditional furniture production and the techniques of wood workmanship of cellars. FWC’s wooden wine storage units are made of aesthetically appealing timber types that are selected by considering their moisture content and all other above mentioned physical properties.

This special timber is then transformed into storage units that will allow your precious wines to age peacefully, using high standard production techniques with outstanding workmanship.

Finally, we would like to mention that all our units are manufactured without visible pins or screws and all accessories have non-corrosive properties. Further more, the storage units’ design allows conditioned air to flow freely amongst all bottles thanks to its open framework. We also design to allow maximum number of bottles in minimum available space.