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For businesses running big operations and wanting to buy and stock large amounts of wine, FWC is introducing industrial wine cellars to be built back-of-house with dimensions and detailing suitable for heavy-duty operations. Needless to say, industrial cellars, too, meet all requirements of a proper wine cellar with the right temperature and humidity conditions inside. Moreover, temperature and humidity can be constantly monitored through a central automation system and a stock management system is installed to keep track of all operations. When storing large quantities of wine, one is more likely to have full cases of the same wine. This makes individual bottle storage superfluous. The bottles can be stored in cases of 6 or 12. However, it is unpractical most of the time to keep the wines in their original cases for the cases vary greatly in shape and size thus are difficult to organise. A modular, stackable system of specially designed polycarbonate cases are very convenient to keep these wines orderly and accessible at all times. Each case can be labeled individually to have things even more organised. Between each row of these stacked wine case blocks, there is enough space allowed for the operation of a small forklift and reserve space for incoming wine.

Industrial Wine Cellars

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